Asked on Feb 28, 2013

Links for creating a barbeque surround

Douglas Hunt


I have a fairly large pile of bricks salvaged from an old unused chimney that we took down. I want to design a brick surround into which we could put a grill (not a grill top, but a grill so that I can roll it out and replace it). I also have a piece of countertop left over from my kitchen re-model that is about 22" X 32" (it would need to be trimmed straight to that size). I also have 12 glass blocks (4"X8"X4") that I'd like to incorporate into the design. Does anyone have any ideas or can point me to a good website? Thanks
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Mar 1, 2013

    To my mind, glass blocks and salvaged bricks have very different design sensibilities and I'm not sure how well they would marry (there's also the issue of different thicknesses to complicate things), but you might want to check out this grilling area from a Hometalk member all made from recycled materials. The grill slides out like you want. Since you have a nearly standard-depth countertop piece, you could make on open rectangle the width of your grill plus the countertop, and then divide that with with the glass block, putting the countertop on one side and the grill on the other.

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