9 Spots You Forgot to Decorate for Fall

Now's your chance - before it's too late!

By Hometalk Highlights

Your Coffee Table

It has that classic magazine and potted plant spread, but did you cover it in creepy decor?

Your Fireplace

The mantel is decked out, of course, but the area around your fireplace? Make it cozy!

Your Entryway

Even though your porch couldn’t possibly fit another pine cone, your entryway needs some spice.

Above Your Stove

If you have a kitchen mantel, don’t miss your chance to fancy it up for fall.

Your Long Hallways

Your entryway isn’t the only hallway that could do with some primping.

Your Nightstands

In your room and your guest bedrooms, make sure the nightstands reflect that seasonal bliss.

Your Couch

Couch decor is the best kind - cozy, warm, and full of fall charm. Does it get any cuter than this?

Your Staircases

Turn your boring staircase into a spooky masterpiece that will thrill your guests.