I put Emerald Zoysia sod in my back yard this spring and it looks great except for two things:

1) A small patch (maybe one of the Sod pieces) started to grow quuickly and got very thin? I have only put down a light application of organic fertilizer (worm castings & composted Chicken manure) followed by a premerge in September. I am not sure what to do about this if anything this winter?
2) In a different section of the yard I let my two dogs (A pointer & a Lab - both of which love to run the yard & play when they are out) out several times a day. They are wearing paths along two of the fence lines. The paths still have grass, but it is not as thick and I am afraid with it going dormant this winter they may be bare by Spring. Is there any way to help out the sod in those areas?
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