Salad Dressing: 6 Dirt Cheap Ways to Turn Your Garden into Edible Art

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In 2012, we wanted an organic, raised garden table, planted by the square foot method using companion herbs and flowers. What we created was a fun, playful conversation piece that grew delicious veggies and inspired the design of the Garden Stamp. Here are six easy ways to get started on your own edible masterpiece. For more information and planting guides visit
An organic, raised garden table, planted by the square foot method using companion herbs and flowers...and a little veggie bling.
1. Companion Flowers - Marigold, Petunia and Zinnia are the cheerleaders of veggie teams.
2. Trellis - Keep it light and simple. Pictured here are two inexpensive bean tents that were snipped at the hinges to make four trellis panels.
3. String Ribbon - Use reflective ribbon pinned by shiny thumbtacks to stake out your square foot garden. Adds color and keeps the birds away.
4. Beneficial Herbs - Plant basil, chamomile, thyme and other herbal veggie companions. Add color and fragrance to your garden while repelling pests.
5. Beads - Better bling than pinwheels. String inexpensive Mardi Gras beads to add sparkle and pop. In dusk, they give the illusion of holiday lights.
6. Whimsy - Every garden must have a gnome but consider adding toys like small animals and action figures.
We're adding dinosaurs this year.
Now that we have the Garden Stamp, we are setting aside the yardstick and extra ribbon to focus on planting square foot patterns of edible color.
Stamped out.
Update: It worked!
Update: May 2013
4th of July, 2013

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  • Ock Du Spock Ock Du Spock on Apr 11, 2014
    I really liked the idea of square foot gardening, but it was better in theory than in practise for me. These gardens look good when the plants are small and haven't grown, but I found it didn't give my plants quite enough room to thrive. Allowing a little extra spacing than this method suggests produced a more productive garden, but still a very "pretty" fully grown garden for me!
  • Michelle Michelle on Dec 23, 2016
    Love it I am one person and also with two dogs. I can't have a garden in the back yard ,but thought of turning one of the front flower beds into a raised garden with spinach, kale, herbs, flowers, peas and string beans. I can't eat lettuce.
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