#30DayFlip Challenge Unicorn SPiT Used to Brighten Up a Maple Desk

I will share with you how I brightened up a dark maple desk with Unicorn SPiT. This was the first time that I had ever used Unicorn SPiT. First off I was delighted by the smell of Jasmine coming from the opened jar which is still a delight every time that I open up a jar of Unicorn SPiT. Second I must say that it was very easy to apply and blend the colors and thirdly the stain goes a long way so to me it is economical too.
The desk cost us $25.00. This was an easy project.
The above picture is a piece (and the only piece) of veneer that was on the desk but it gives you an idea of what the color was to begin with. This piece was on the back of the open space but I left it off.
Sand the entire desk down to bare wood with an orbital sander.
Apply the Unicorn SPiT to the bare wood with your SPiT Syringe and fingers (by dipping them into the jar) and starting at the bottom center apply the SPiT in a rainbow shape starting with Lemon Kiss. Use your palm to move the SPiT up and curve right until it is all spread out. Add Phoenix Fire SPiT again in a rainbow shape and push up and to the right with your palm until it is spread out. Repeat this step with Molly Red Pepper. Now fill in the empty spaces with Purple Hill Majesty, Dragonsbelly, and Blue Thunder. Come back and fill in any other blank spaces with the original colors to blend. Apply Midnight's Blackness to the edge of the desk.
Apply Midnight's Blackness to the front of the drawers. While waiting for this to dry, I put Elmers Wood Glue in a crack and clamped it together until it dried to give added support to this area.
Use your hands and apply Molly Red Pepper to the legs and the body of the desk. Let this air dry. One coat was all that was used on this desk. (I left a bit of the old stain in the grooves so when the Molly Red Pepper was applied it created a darker area here which created more dimension to the piece by bringing out some detail.)
The bird on a limb stencil was taped down and black acrylic paint was used paint the stencil onto the desk. Very carefully remove the stencil from the desk. Let the paint air dry.
Using a clean foam brush, apply 3 coats of Formby's Tung Oil Finish in High Gloss to the entire desk. Let each coat dry in between. Now using a clean foam brush apply 3 coats of Minwax Wipe-On Poly (going with the grain). Let each coat of poly dry before applying the next coat. Also, use a piece of 800 grit sand paper to lightly sand each layer of dry poly but NOT the top coat.
Use a spray paint of your choice of color and lightly spray 3 coats to your hardware. Black was used on these handles. Once they are dry, reattach the handles (any hardware back in place).
Here is the completed desk.

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