Asked on Mar 2, 2013

Any way to deal with worn pine floors without complete refinishing?

KMS Woodworks


I just bought a house with pine floors throughout. They are in pretty good condition, but worn and kind of mottled/dingy. I've heard there is a product that is a stain/sealer that precludes the sanding stage in refinishing. Any suggestions or input would be appreciated...
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Mar 2, 2013

    There are some "restore a finish" products out there that can add some new life. These however will seal in dirt and other debris, if present. If the finish is merely worn but not down into the wood itself the normal route is to do a "screen and recoat" Rather than sanding the floor to bare wood the top layer of the finish is lightly sanded with a fine sanding "screen" and a layer of two of new finish is applied. Pine is very soft compared to more normal hardwoods, and is not the best choice for durability in the flooring arena. It is however a classic and traditional floor in some type of homes. The screen and recoat is often a "quick fix" that can be implemented until a full restoration can be done. One advantage to a pine floor is it sands quickly due to its softer nature. BTW...We love Taos, we have a small cabin on our land near Tres Piedras.

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