Asked on Mar 3, 2013

would you know the names of these cacti?

OlwenTracey TBetsy Gorman


i have been "googling" & reading a lot about cacti lately as it became my new plant collection at home. i became successful to name a lot already however, there are really some i can't figure out. please let me know if you have any idea............. TY!
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Mar 3, 2013

    I'm far from an expert on cacti, so I doubt I would be able to be much help anyway, but it would probably help to post separate photos of the plants you are looking for IDs for so they can be seen closer up.

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Mar 3, 2013

    Not an expert on these either, I agree with @Douglas Hunt , you may get better results from individual shots. I love the creativity of the pots you have them in

  • Betsy Gorman
    on Mar 3, 2013

    The tall one on the left is either a Prickly Pear or a Paddle Cactus. Also looks like you have a couple of Barrel Cactus. It is hard to telll from this pic.

  • Betsy Gorman
    on Mar 3, 2013

    Several of these look like those we find here in Az. I just don't know all their names. I suggest looking for cactus of the Sonoran Desert.

  • Tracey T
    on Mar 3, 2013

    2nd row 2nd from the right is a Madagascar Palm (Pachypodium Lamerei) they are pretty impressive. They will grow tall like a tree.. Front orange pot looks like a button cacti

  • Olwen
    on Mar 5, 2013

    thanks so much for all your comments. i am taking your advice of having one photo for each of them. :)

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