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Asked on Dec 8, 2011

Winter is on they way and it's that time when many people bring out or buy new Portable Electric Heaters or "Space

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Here are a few facts you may not be aware of:
Due to the requirements of the NEC, ALL popular space heaters are limited to a circuitry of no more that 12.5 AMPS or 1500 Watts. Normal house wiring will not permit use of more than 1 space heater per room.
It does not matter what the price or the claims, from $10.00 to the new Dyson fan-less heater at $300.00, they are limited to 12.5 AMPS or 1500 Watts.
This 1500 Watts will produce 5120 BTUs (1 Watt = 3.41BTU) and WILL ONLY HEAT a small room up to 200 SF.
And most important: NEVER use an extension'll be waiting for a fire to happen.
So remember, no matter what the claim or the price, a watt is a watt,and one 1500 Watt heater produces the same heat as any other 1500 Watt heater.
Have a great Holiday, and a warm winter.
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  • Great info there Landlight. This time of year can see a rise in house fires as people try to find "inventive" ways of dealing with the cold. Do you have any suggestions for the "best bang for your buck" or do you think it doesn't really matter?

  • LandlightS
    on Dec 8, 2011

    I just spoke with the tech people from EdenPure Heaters which is hosted by Bob Villa. He's a good per EdenPuree Gen4 heater produces 1500 Watts using 13AMPS.......guess what, it retails for $350. here the link to the item

  • LandlightS
    on Dec 8, 2011

    Dan.....turn your heat down to 62- 65 degrees and get a couple "snuggies" to wear while watching football. That is the cheapest way. As a side thought....many years ago when my in-laws lived in Tamarac, we were there one January when the temp went down to the mid 40's and my S/O sat at the pool with a blanket and reflector.....a real New Have a great Holiday season, Gary

  • We don't really have too much of a problem with the cold down here in the Orlando area. While it does get what I consider "cold" (though that is all relative). A typical January or February day has us with all the windows open in the house. We only have our heat on for a couple handfuls of nights per year in total. 62 - 65 degrees huh - that's way too cold lol. Have a good Holiday yourself. :)

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 10, 2011

    This is so true...I try to explain to clients when they ask "What kind of electric heater is more efficient ?" All electric heaters are pretty much the same.. and convert all of their "energy" to heat. Some minor losses for those that have "blowers" but a radiant oil vs a basic radiant is wash as far as efficiency goes. Using one type of electric heater over another will not save any money. To save money you need to relate $$ to BTU's...and in most cases natural gas is the cheapest. ( In our home we burn a lot of wood, 5 to 6 cords a year)...this is far more economical for us than cranking up our propane based forced air furnace. Cost savings equate to how cheap you can get your "fuel" in some cases I can use scrap lumber from building free wood = free heat.

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