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A project we just finished in downtown Orlando, this house has large windows in the front (which was the living room),

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the customer had planted King Sago's to give privacy in front of the windows, we transplanted them to the side yard and installed an island with two Chinese Fan Palms, with two Camellias between them, this way they still had privacy without the sago's overwhelming the front of the house, the island gave a more open feeling to the yard. The irrigation was repaired and Empire Zoysia turf was installed. We did Lirope and Minima Jasmine for ground covers in the area between the side walk and street. There was a small wall that was removed from around the front and side yards allowing a more scalloped shape to the landscape beds. We found one of those treasures you don't see to often, there was a Burfordi Holly that was as tall as the house, we trimmed it up, the holly became one of the main focal points of the yard
Sagos in front of windows
Sagos must go!
We removed the wall
Chineese Fan Palms
Landscaping installed
Thats a Burfordi Holly
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