Asked on Dec 8, 2011

I know this is probably a dumb question, buuutt....

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we have a gas fireplace with no gas logs (there were never fake logs when we bought the house). We use the gas just to get the fire started and burn real wood. I have heard that this is a bad idea, but this is what we did at my house growing up and never had a problem in 15 years. And now we've been doing it at my house for a couple years without any problems. I hate to give up burning real wood, I love it so much, but of course I don't want to keep doing it if it really is a hazard. Any advice?
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  • Bob and RodMan S
    on Dec 8, 2011

    Give a call to Charlie Hanft at Hearth and Patio in Tucker, 770-934-8646; not only an expert in all things fireplace related but also the most generous guy with time and advice that you are likely to meet. He will let you know if there is a safety difference in gas starter and gas log installations.

  • Hudson Designs
    on Dec 8, 2011

    You can do this. Just be sure the shut off value is not in the fire box area, the chimney is in good shape, and clean the nozzles off the gas burner with a soft brass brush. All holes should be clean and a flame burning from them.

  • Thanks so much Bob & Hudson! Very helpful!

  • Southern Trillium LLC
    on Dec 8, 2011

    I agree with Bob and RodMan. Charlie is a fantastic guy and has been an asset to us with getting the proper gas burners for some of the firepits we have installed. Charlie will definitely be able to answer your questions.

  • Shane Tallant
    on Dec 8, 2011

    Pizazz- Hey! I did I little research and found this company in your area. They seem to have a good reputation and look pretty legit. Obviously, you can go with 'real' wood burning, but we have gas logs and love them. Super easy. Good luck!

  • Awesome, thank you Southern and Shane! Yeah, maybe we should consider gas logs..I guess it would be nice not to clean all the ashes!

  • McKennon Farell
    on Sep 30, 2014

    The Tuscan themed kitchen looks really stunning and emits a calming homely aura too. Even though I do not cook that much, I would still love for my home kitchen to look just like that. I still remember having gone through renovation works of our own for our house few years back when we first moved in. There was a lot going on in the initial stage but we gradually see the results and we were thrilled to reach the finishing line. The house clearance process was the hardest but we hired professionals for that chore.

  • Sandy
    on Sep 7, 2015

    Please buy gas logs, either natural gas or propane gas, which ever you use. You could blow up yourself and the area around you. I just saw some with the burners in separate ads on Craigslist, Kansas City, MO

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