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Here’s a DIY Christmas idea that would look great on your buffet, counter or anywhere else you’d place some Christmas treats! (Original Post 12/2013)
Here’s a DIY Christmas idea that would look great on your buffet, counter or anywhere else you’d place some Christmas treats!
I’m a collector of sorts…okay, the hubby calls it trash most of the time, but every now and again I surprise him and create something magical out of my trash. This would be one of those times.
I’ve been collecting spaghetti/Alfredo jars, wine bottles and other misc bottles, because they typically have character to them. I’d been stashing them in the garage when I’d finished using the contents. I kept them because I knew one day I’d come up with something creative to change, transform them, repurpose them.
I was perusing Pinterest and found a pin where the spaghetti jars were repurposed. And of course, as always, I gave them my signature “Lisa spin”.
Your basic run of the mill spaghetti jar. I washed the jar and then soaked it in warm soapy
water to remove the labels. Worked like a charm.
I then sprayed the lid with flat black paint and drilled a hole in the center.
I found some pretty knobs at 50% off at Hobby Lobby.
I screwed the knob on, and used the washer provided to secure it to the lid. You notice I didn’t cut the screw shorter? I might reuse these knobs one day so I left them long.
Then I filled my jar with Christmas Candy, and you can hardly see the long screw inside.
Now, doesn’t that look cute all lined up?
Yup, fun Christmas crafting at it's best.
Interested in more ideas for you glass jars? Check out this follow-up post and see what else can be done!

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Author Lisa L Wiedmeier

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  • Fmb0427
    on Dec 17, 2016

    Could you cover the screws? A hardware store might have something made of rubber or vinyl that could cover up the ends, so the screw would be rubbing up against the candies.

    • Rebecca Brantley
      on Nov 24, 2019

      The plastic anchors (do-dads) that go into walls where studs aren't present wouldn't work as a cover because they would expand out like an anchor.. I personally would just e6000 the knob on or cut the bolt end shorter, perhaps even find shorter knob bolts.. it's all in what we as the crafter prefers as the author says she left hers long just in case she would want to reuse them else where later on..

  • Gigi
    on Dec 20, 2016

    So then am I correct in assuming that the knobs are purely decorative as these lids 'screw' on and can't simply be pulled off?

  • Dcu22848904
    on May 27, 2017

    i have tons of large , like almost a gallon size pickle jars that my husband goes through in a week at a time. I thought about reusing them to store food or something in but i cant get the dill smell out of them. tryed everything. Any advice as to what else i could use them for? I hate throwing them away. we do recycle so maybe its ok just to get rid of them. I keep thinking Im going to see some genius idea for them. thanks if you have any. denise
    • Rebecca Brantley
      on Nov 24, 2019

      It's actually the lids not the jars because of the rubber seal that is up inside of the metal lid. . Those seals hold odor & at times where mold grows. . I wash my jars in the dishwasher, no special treatment needed, then after cleaned I turn them rim down to store them until use. .the lid(s) I place into a bowl of a mixture of half warm water, 1 heaping Tbl spoon baking soda, a cap full of distilled white vinegar, a drop of any dish liquid. . I never over add ingredients because this is acidity & causes small "volcano like" eruptions.. Soak lids in this mixture over night, follow up with a good warm water rinse then air dry.. I place the lids in a drawer until I need one for a jar..

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  • Ida9464
    on Aug 18, 2019

    These are so darling! I love your ideas! I want some jars now to do this. May I come to your house for Christmas?

  • Daisy@TX
    on Nov 25, 2019

    I'm inspired. I save same jars. However I will saw of the screw part and just glue the knob on the lid (no need for a hole) using E6000. Thanks for sharing.

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