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Air Conditioner Maintenance

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Summer is just around the bend so it is time to start planning AC maintenance. I neglected this task with my first house and it cost me a lot. The refrigerant line had a slow leak that would have been detected by a pressure test. Instead I ended up calling a professional after it stopped cooling. $300 to refill the refrigerant and my electric bill doubled for the month!
One other scenario I've seen several times is the condensation pipe will become blocked by fungus and flood the attic/basement (where the evaporator is located). All it takes is a couple minutes to clean it out with bleach to prevent this problem. This is especially important for folks in humid environments.
For DIY types most of the AC cleaning can be done with moderate difficulty, but it is good to get a professional (about $100) in at least once a year to check the line pressure and inspect the system.
air conditioner maintenance, heating cooling, home maintenance repairs
air conditioner maintenance, home maintenance repairs, hvac
air conditioner maintenance, home maintenance repairs, hvac
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  • Cor1382303
    on Nov 4, 2015

    Oh, so that's how you do an air conditioning maintenance. This sure is something for me to keep in mind since my unit is having problems. So far, I'm thinking of inviting some hvac contractors to check out the unit and see if they can revive it. <a href='' ></a>

  • John White
    on Apr 25, 2018

    Here are some of the tips that are mentioned below by following the you can gear up you AC for chilling summer season. Just follow the given strategies

    • Clean or replace filters.
    • Clean the AC condenser coil.
    • Clean and clear debris.
    • Check the coolant lines.
    • Test the unit.

    For more suggestions regarding AC maintenance you can contact-us or visit us.

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