Asked on Mar 6, 2013

help with my entry/laundry room

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My home's entry is also a mud room and laundry room. I want it to be welcoming and pulled together while at the same time fulfill it's three purposes. The shape is odd and there is no way to enclose the machines. I would love to see how any of you have handled this tall order. Thank you so much.
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  • not knowing the layout of the entry area is it difficult to make a lot of suggestions. However if you use a tub curtain rod and a heavy hanging drape that can be pulled open when using the machines you can close it when company comes by to hide the laundry equipment. Just be sure the curtain does not block the air flow to the dryer when it operates. Air enters from the bottom of the dryer. If you want to close them when it runs, be sure to keep the bottom of the drape at least four inches off of the floor. It will also act as a sound block so the machines will not be as noisy in the rest of the house.

  • Lisa Nelson
    on Mar 6, 2013

    Thank you for taking the time to answer. A drapery may be a good solution. I'll consider doing that. A sound block would be most welcome, too. Thanks again!

  • Reinventing Space
    on Mar 7, 2013

    Consider either a barn door or a decorative door option rather than a curtain if you live in a weathered area that gets snow. Barn doors have a track attached to the ceiling and slide along the top track. Decorative doors have inserts like frosted glass or look like a Shoji screen.

  • What about making the mud porch shabby chick adorable and creating a laundry room with old used doors with crackle & distressed paint technique? Or if that is out of the budget, make a false wall by connecting old doors with hinges?

  • If you have front loaders you could raise them up by building a platform for them to sit on - the resultant space under the appliances can be used for boots or shoes - use a tray of some sort to keep the floor clean and to keep them from getting kicked too far under - also good for your laundry baskets when not in use or when waiting for the load to finish; then conceal behind the curtain. Or, use the curtain/screen idea with top loading washer but add various depth shelves and add a hanging bar in front of the narrow section - Pintrest has loads of ideas. Photos would definitely help discuss your specific solution. - don't know if that will direct you to the image... I have done this in the past for several clients - it also works for an older type front loading dryer but, you have to keep the shelf low enough to reach the controls on top - more nice images - - Good luck

  • Lisa Nelson
    on Mar 7, 2013

    So many wonderful ideas! Thank you all for responding (I'm new to this). I definitely want to add the various depth shelves above the machines. I hadn't thought of doors on hinges....this makes me want to start on it now but I know things turn out better when I plan ahead!

  • I see you are on pinterst - good site! A consult with a recommended design professional would very likely be worth the time/money as well. Even on small projects... Good luck!

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