Asked on Dec 10, 2011

Hi, Hometalker I'm getting tired of Cleaning out my Gutters (2) times already this year since the leaves started fallen

R WalterJimGDan's of Central Florida, Inc.


and I only have a few Pine trees in the back of my house. My neighbors trees on there fence line keep me busy, so I must find the best Gutter Guard to install on my Gutters, HELP.
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  • Will, you might take a look through this website here and figure out what may be the best for your specific situation: Due to potential falling hazards, it might be best to have them professionally installed.

  • JimG
    on Dec 10, 2011

    I paid $9, per metal Gutter sleeve from Lowes for my sunroom. Found a few other places around the house that didn't have the gutter covers, and tried $1.98 plastic ones at Lowes also. They were SO MUCH easier to install and just slide under shingles and snap onto gutter fronts, SUPER easy and REALLY inexpensive and NO LEAVES for past few years!

  • R Walter
    on Oct 23, 2015

    I used the metal ones, 3 feet in length, that can be cut with tin snips from Home Depot. I installed them myself, 62 yo, and have not had a problem with them in a year. My home sits under a large oak tree and the acorns and leaves blow right off. Will hopefully never have to clean my gutter again. Good luck.

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