How to Clean Silver

You may remember that I found this silver platter at the thrift store for half price. Its no surprise that people were passing this up, I mean look how dirty and tarnished it is. Well, I am a thrifty chick and was drawn to the engraving and holly detail so I bought it hoping I could revive it.
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Before beginning this process I tried using my silver cleaning cloth that I use for cleaning my jewelry but it wasn't looking too hot so I continued with my plan of trying the DIY silver cleaner I found online.
  • how to clean silver, cleaning tips, how to
Simply line your sink with foil.......
  • how to clean silver, cleaning tips, how to
then let the platter soak in extremely hot salty water for about 40 minutes.
I started with four tablespoons of salt.
  • how to clean silver, cleaning tips, how to
Along the way I added a little more salt and some baking soda then rinsed it and dried it with a paper towel.
Once it was dry I used a soft cloth and the remaining tarnish wiped right off......
  • how to clean silver, cleaning tips, how to
revealing a beautiful silver Christmas diamond in the rough!
You can see more pics and the full tutorial on my blog.

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    • Paz bea
      Paz bea Guaynabo, PR
      on Nov 11, 2015

      I have some silvers bought in an antique store and I tried to clean them but the tarnished didn't disappear. I'll try this and I hope my silver will look new and shiny. Thanks

        • Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos
          Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos Kansas City, MO
          on Nov 14, 2015

          @Paz bea In my post I showed that it gradually lifted for me, and in the end I wiped the rest right off with a soft towel. The tarnish might not ALL lift right off but whatever is left should wipe right off with ease with this process.

        • Hannah V
          Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
          on Nov 11, 2015

          WOW that really works!