How To Make Deco Mesh Snowman Wreath

40 Minutes

It's gone viral and everyone wants one...I'm talking about the deco mesh snowman wreath!! And why shouldn't it??? It is adorable!

When a customer requested one of these Frosty's, I posted the completed wreath on my Facebook page and it was SO popular! I asked my followers if they wanted a tutorial and of course they said YEESS, so here is my version of the popular deco mesh snowman wreath including tips you may not have thought of!


Prepare Wreath

Start by first fluffing the wreath form. When you first get your wreath, it will be flat and you need to fluff the wreath and make sure to pull the twist ties up, out and away from the base. Turn the wreath over and make sure that there aren't any sharp edges, if so push them forward.

Using a piece of the work garland we are going to form a cross in the center of the wreath. Trim the twist ties off the end to reveal a long piece of wire. Use the straight edge of the wire garland to wire around the work wreath frame.

Stretch the garland across to the other side, clip off the excess and secure it around the wreath frame. We are creating a base in the center of the wreath so that we can attach deco mesh into the center.

Do the same thing going across the wreath in the other direction with another piece of garland. Trim off any twist ties you do not need, including one in the center since we already have one. Use the center twist ties to secure where the garland pieces cross.

Note: If you don't have this garland, you can use floral wire, double up pipe cleaner or use zip ties, just make sure it is white.

Adding Deco Mesh

Stack two rolls of 10" deco mesh on top of each other to speed up the cutting process. Roll out the mesh and use an anchor to hold it in place (my stapler). Use a rotary cutter to cut the strips 10 inches long. Put the strips to the side and continue to cut until all the mesh is used from both rolls. Note: I like to use a rotary cutter to make the cut cleaner, which helps to prevent some of the unraveling that happens with deco mesh.

You will need the third roll of mesh to use for filling in any bare spots, I used about of this roll. Attach the deco mesh by using the "ruffle technique" and pinching the center of each piece. Do this for three pieces of mesh and secure these three pieces under one of the twist ties. I started on the out ring but you can start anywhere. Continue attaching three pieces of deco mesh into each of the twist ties on the wreath and the cross bar until it is filled up.

Use extra pieces of deco mesh to fill in any bare spots. Since you don't have a twist tie, use a half a pipe cleaner to attach it to the wreath. You can use 3 pieces of mesh for larger holes and one or two pieces for smaller holes. There will be holes where you created the cross piece in the center. To get around that, move the pipe cleaner towards the end of the mesh pieces before securing it to the wreath. This long mesh will fill in the hole.

Make sure all the mesh is facing upward and not stuck under a twist tie. Step 3 - Make The Nose Cut the 1" chenille stem 24" long. Wrap it around the cardboard center of a deco mesh roll to help get it coiled. Remove it from the cardboard and use your hands to make the tip tighter and the base wider, shaping it into the shape of a carrot. Leave a 3" tail on the end to wrap around the center of the wreath form. There you have it, Frosty's nose.

Step 4 - Make the bow.

To make the bow, unroll some of the ribbon from the roll which makes it easier to work with. Form a small loop and pinch and gather around the back. This forms a pleated knot on the front which will be the center of the bow. The back side of the ribbon going towards the ribbon roll will now be facing up, to turn it over to have the good side showing, just twist it keeping the twisted section in your fingers. Pull the ribbon out and back under forming a loop. Measure out a 3" loop (if your hat is smaller, use smaller loops). Twist the ribbon again always keeping the good side of the ribbon on top. Make a 3" loop now on the other side of the center loop and twist the ribbon. You should now have what looks like a bow tie. Keep forming 3" loops until you have six total, 3 on each side of the center. Make one additional loop longer, which will be the bow tail when cut in half. Twist the ribbon again and then cut the ribbon from the roll leaving a 5" tail. Use floral wire or pipe cleaner to run through the center hole and around the back. While holding the ribbon and wire tight in one hand, use your other hand to fluff and maneuver the loops into shape and position. When you like it, turn your hand over and twist the bow to make the wire tight around the bow loops.

To attach the bow to the hat, run the wire under the knotted sash and twisted the wire. Cut the wire short and push in the extra wire. Cut the tails shorter on the sash and the bow. To see the remaining instructions, please refer to my blog link below.

Adding Facial Features

Attaching the Hat

Adding Backing

Clean up

Again, for more pictures the full video, a list of supplies and where I purchased them, head over to my blog! I can't wait to connect with you there.

Happy Wreathing, Julie

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  • Debbie Kight
    Debbie Kight
    on Oct 29, 2017

    Did you say where you got the hat? did you make it ? Did I miss this step?😳
    • Lisa Sinclair
      Lisa Sinclair
      on Mar 11, 2019

      You have to go to her blog for the list of materials, and then there's a link for where to buy it. I'll save you the time, tho. Google top hats.

  • Maggie Stewart-Popadak
    Maggie Stewart-Popadak
    on Dec 18, 2017

    where do you buy the fuzzy white pipe cleaners?
    • Lisa Sinclair
      Lisa Sinclair
      on Mar 11, 2019

      I get mine from my local craft store, but I bet you can get bigger pkgs of them online.

  • Cindy
    on Dec 21, 2017

    Did I miss where you listed your web or blog site?? This is adorable and I would love to make it and follow your projects...thanks in advance!

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  • Linda Todd
    Linda Todd
    on Nov 9, 2019

    At first I thought it was smaller and made from a white bath mesh ball. Cute that you made it into a full on wreath.

  • Nancy
    on Nov 9, 2019

    I've made 2- one with tulle and one with the mesh. Both were adorable! I also made the top hat with a solo cup covered with black felt!

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