Asked on Dec 12, 2011

KMS...I saw the pictures of the earth house..I guess I dont know what that is.

KMS WoodworksBernice H


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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 13, 2011

    Are you asking about the ones I posted on my blog pages? The two that I pictured there are an "earth ship" Which is an environmentally friendly home built form tires, bottles, cans and concrete. They are passive solar designed and "off grid" Earth sheltered or Earth bermed homes are, are more traditional in that they use poured concrete wall that are then back filled to provide a more stable thermal envelope. both designs are passive solar and use only a fraction of the energy that a typical home would use for heating / cooling.

  • Bernice H
    on Dec 13, 2011

    yes,,,and oohhhh! Thanks! Did you build them? Are those pretty colored bottles something you did?

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 14, 2011

    I did not build these...but have plans to build a "modified" Earthship when we build our larger home at our ranch in New Mexico. We plan to use Rastra block ( a type of ICF "insulated concrete form") will will incorporate passive solar and use heavy earth berming. Our small cabin is stick built and passive the winter when the sun is out we do not need to use the wood stove ( our only heat source) at all. The angle of the sun is lower in the winter and fully shines into the space. During the high angle sun of the summer the eave overhang prevents this and the interior stays cool. Its almost like magic the way it works. My little cabin was recent featured on the Tiny House Blog.

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