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Safe Alternative to Chemical STRiPPER

Ever get a really old piece and you go to sand it down and it gums up your sandpaper? Well, it's because it's OLD!
This is when you use this method to strip and NOT GIVE UP and PAINT!
Save those beautiful wood grains!
It's even SAFE to do INDOORS! Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain is SAFE for INDOORS use too!

How to Strip OLD Solid Wood with Gel Dishwasher Detergent:
Cheap Dishwasher Detergent
Bucket of water
Spray bottle of water
Metal scraper
Scrub brush
Eye protection
1. Make sure the piece you are going to strip is not modern polyurethane. It only works on very old finishes. The fingernail test is my fave. If you scrape it with your fingernail it will scratch off like a thick gum like film, especially in any crevasses. It'll feel like old hardened oil or wax. This is wax, polish, pledge like build up. Pre 1950's usually is good to go.
2. Get a spray bottle ready full of water.
You will need to keep the Dishwasher Detergent moist.
3. Slather the piece with a very thick layer of the detergent. Let it sit for 10 minutes keeping it moist with the spray bottle of water if it starts to dry.
4. Start scrubbing with your scrub brush like you would your teeth ;o)
5. Once the clear gel starts to turn dark brown, it's time to scrape flat surfaces and scrub any detail with a clean scrub brush.
6. Once the majority of the gel is off, wash it off with water. Do 2 rinses to ensure that all soap residue is gone.
7. Let dry.
8. Do a light sanding with 120 sandpaper, dust off and it's ready to stain!
(120 is the finest you should use when staining with a water based stain. Anything higher will close the grain and block the stain from absorbing deep)
This is Blue Thunder by Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain. Unicorn SPiT comes in the concentrate. As is, its a glaze thick enough to use as a paint. Diluted with up to 50% water you get a vibrantly potent stain! This just ONE COAT of Unicorn SPiT diluted with equal parts water! It's like getting 2 bottles for the price of one!
(You can order at www.UnicornSPiT.com)
Sealed with 3 coats of Quick Dry Oil Based High Gloss Polyurethane.
There's no need to sacrifice beautiful wood grain and cover with paint for the love of color anymore! Unicorn SPiT is No VOC, NON TOXIC, and smells like JASMINE! You can strip and stain in your in your kitchen if you wanted or needed too!
Look at that tiger wood shine!
Why would anyone want to put a mask on such beautiful natural beauty?
This tree grew from our earth to display this magical and artistic medium for us to enjoy as a piece of eye candy!
1912, meet 2015!
NO, you don't need to be painted! You are just so beautiful! Let's make you blue instead of all yellow and still show off those beautiful tiger stripes!
The way the light shines on the wood gives the beautiful blue stain (Blue Thunder) so many colors. It's like a multifaceted jewel! Unicorn SPiT plays with the natural tones of the wood giving you the most beautiful effects with just ONE COLOR! This is because it absorbs deeply into the wood and doesn't just float on top. This is what happens when you strip down to the bare wood. That's why I love this safe alternative to chemical strippers.
For more cool examples and tutorials visit Facebook! There's a group for more step by step instructions, guidance and comaradarie! www.facebook.com/groups/unicornspitgelstains/
Thank you for reading my post. I sure hope it opens your mind to staining beautiful pieces our ancestors crafted for us out of natural, beautiful wood. You don't have to use harsh chemicals to strip them. You don't need to use harsh chemicals with lots of coats to stain them, and you are not stuck to yellow, red and brown any longer!
There's a RAiNBOW of colors waiting for you!
  • Michelle Nicole
    Michelle Nicole Shawnee, KS
    on Nov 14, 2015

    My first POST!

    • Halljane61
      6 hours ago

      You so good!! I have been using Unicorn Spit while I learn how to do crafts. Yes, I am a 70 year old virgin crafter, but I love it and love US

  • Frances Brewer- Schaber
    Frances Brewer- Schaber Kansas City, KS
    on Nov 14, 2015

    Great Job on your FIRST post!!!!

  • Carmen Fernandez
    Carmen Fernandez Hollywood, FL
    on Nov 14, 2015

    love this

  • Lori
    Lori Canada
    on Nov 14, 2015

    That is so beautiful, both the lines of the desk and the colour. Wish it were mine. :)

  • Charlene
    Charlene Saint Regis Falls, NY
    on Nov 15, 2015

    Thank you for the great info on your first post!

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