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Asked on Dec 13, 2011

I have bought many tools for my cousin over the years and benefited nicely from them :) I want to purchase a router

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for her this year. Can someone point me in the right direction as to which options are a must have and what I should stay away from please? She has made everything from outdoor Christmas decorations, frames, to shelving and has a mile long list of things she still wants to try.... Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  • 3po3
    on Dec 13, 2011

    So, just to clarify, does she have a router now? I can't offer too much detailed advice, as I have only ever done pretty simple stuff, but I know Bosch makes really nice routers, and have some nice, versatile bit sets that should cover most potential projects.

  • Craftsman makes some nice routers. Steer clear of any Big box store types. Even if the prices seem better. Most of the power tools sold by them are special for their company, which is why they oftentimes cost less. I would not go to overboard with it. Plunge routers are nice but unless she really is into woodworking . A standard router would be fine. Craftsman makes some pretty good stuff. I still have my original router I purchased from them over 35 years ago. It still gets pulled out to do one type of a job or another. But always works and because its a name brand I can still get parts such as bases and all sorts of attachments not available from the big box stores.

  • Vicki T
    on Dec 13, 2011

    you guys are awesome, that's why I ask here first! She has not got a router yet and that is why I thought of it. I will go check out Craftsman...a brand my Dad swore by but I had forgotten about. Again, I really appreciate your input.

  • Vicki, Also check out this HT member, they have a cool way of showing how each tool works. You maybe able to find more visual info on the Router -

    on Dec 13, 2011

    Vicki, you mentioned in you last post about a router by Craftsman. ToolSELECT does not sell power tools, we do unbiased reviews on tools you might be interested in. Here is an unbiased review about the Craftsman 28084 Router Kit. We hope this helps in your search for the right router. You also might want to look at an article and video from ToolSelect about how to choose a Router Let us know if you have any questions.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 13, 2011

    I would recommend the porter cable 690....It was the first router I got and it is considered "THE" first router to get in most woodworking camps. I think they are still USA made...unlike a lot of others. When I upgraded I got the big boy version for my router table...this is the fixed 3 1/4 HP version the 7519 both units have run flawlessly for many years.

  • Vicki T
    on Dec 17, 2011

    Thanks so much everyone and Merry Christmas to you all :)

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