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Can you design a garden in Ga if your not a Landscape Architect

Arliss HKevin M. Veler, Law Office ofDouglas Hunt


I and many others are currently students working on obtaining a Landscape Design Certification at Gwinnett Technical College. However, after hearing of Ga House Bill 417 we have concern as to if we can legally practice landscape design in the state of Ga if we're not giving the design away for free as part of installation. We do know of many designers who do design work that are not LAs, but there is still this concern. Is it correct that legally we can not actually sell our designs? Thanks foAskr you help.
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Mar 8, 2013

    I recall their being some discussion of this on Hometalk in the past. Perhaps @Kevin M. Veler, Law Office of will know.

  • Arliss, I could not find a current bill that applies to Landscape Architecture through a general search of the legislature's website. HB417 applies to the City of Columbus. I have not worked much with Landscape Architects but I did review the PLB website and their rules. OCGA 43-23-4(a) provides: "No person shall perform or offer, attempt, or agree to perform any act which would constitute the practice of landscape architecture, as defined in paragraph (3) of Code Section 43-23-1, whether as a part of a transaction or as an entire transaction, unless such person has received a license as a landscape architect pursuant to this chapter." The "part of a transaction" suggests that your recap that you can give it away free as part of installation may not be accurate. But the Board could have an interpretation that could permit some leeway. Feel free to give me a call and we can discuss further. As an aside, I often do a presentation at Gwinnett Tech for Lee Woodall.

  • Arliss H
    on Mar 10, 2013

    Kevin, thank you so much for the information. Please let me know when you give another presentation.

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