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10 Simple Steps to Creating the Perfect Christmas Tree

Perfect Christmas tree is a most beautiful feature in every home for holidays. But sometimes, even we invested in great tree, lovely ornaments and put a lot of effort, it doesn`t come out like we wanted. The secret of well designed trees is not in a carefully selected decorations, ribbons and ornaments. No, it`s in a several simple steps which works every time. So, I decided to reveal all my tips and tricks to help you to do it easy and stress free. Hope this will help your Christmas tree to shine and be a star of holidays.
Fluffing the branches. If you have a faux tree this step is so important! Adjusting and fluffing the branches will make your tree look more natural and full, and also much more beautiful! Another tip: wear gloves because the branches can be harsh.
Put the lights on. If your tree is not pre-lit, now is the time to put your lights on the tree. Best way to do it is to wrap the light strand around branches, working from the end of the branch to the tip and back. When you reach to the end of the branch, start next branch. This way you`ll avoid having visible cords. Another great tip is to stick extension cord (with a lot of sockets) inside of your tree (somewhere in the middle). It will allow you to switch and distribute your lights better and ugly extension cord will be hidden!
Create a show-stopping topper. You can put your favorite topper, like angel or star, but I like a show-stopping topper and make it myself every year. Start by making arrangement of picks, sprays, flowers or any other ornament you like, then add a big bow and there you go. For the better look I always makes two bows, one on each side of my topper. This way tree will look beautiful both front and back.
Add wired ribbon. Wrapping cascading strands of wired ribbon (I like to use two or three ribbons together) around the tree will draw the eye from the top to the bottom of your tree. Also, you can create number of small bows and put it throughout the tree to make it more beautiful and coordinated. If you have a faux tree, use branches to fix everything in place, or use floral wire for natural tree.
Add ornaments. My best tip for this step is to put ornaments inside of the tree first. Use cheap glitter or shiny ornaments. This step will fill all the gaps inside the tree and make it more three dimensional and interesting since your eye will travel inside and out of the tree.
Arranging the ornaments. Use assortment of ornaments for one tree. Big ornaments for the bottom, medium for the middle and small for the top of the tree. Best tip for this step is to make triangles out of ornaments. After making first one, keep going up making new ones always using one angle of your previous triangle to start next one.
Showcase your favorite ornaments and add a element of surprise. After putting basic ornaments on the tree, now is the time to showcase your favorites. Trick to make it even more special is to add something unexpected like family photos in a small decorative frames, little lanterns with battery operated candles, toys, diy ornaments etc.
Add picks and sprays. Fill the tree with sparkling picks and sprays, branches with faux ice crystals or snow, flowers, or just use natural branches (they will smell beautiful!) I love to use pinecones too. Paint the tips of pinecones white acrylic paint and sprinkle it with white and silver glitter to make them look snowy and beautiful.
Finishing touches. Finish the Christmas tree with glass (or acrylic) icicles on the tips of the branches to create the perfect winter wonderland look of your tree.
Tree skirt. Last step is to add three skirt to your tree. Be imaginative with this step. Of course, you can use traditional skirts, but also you can put burlap, faux fur or any other fabric for the skirt. Also, you can put your tree in the some kind of container (tin bucket, woven basket, outdoor decorative urn...), or make it more interesting by putting it on something interesting like sleds...
Now, turn the lights on, put your feet up, grab a hot drink and enjoy your perfect Christmas tree!!

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