From Your Community: 10 Inexpensive Shortcuts to a Better Holiday Home

How exciting -and maybe a drop stressful- that the holidays are so close! Get your home in shape on a budget

By Hometalk Highlights

Store plastic ties with cable tracks

Mount cable tracks to a wall using double sided tape, to make super simple storage for plastic ties and other materials.

Display your best ornaments using bedsprings

For those favorite tree decorations that you want to make sure your guests notice, bend a bedspring into a display hook.

Arrange family photos in an old window

Before the holidays hit, fill your walls with warm memories, using an old window. This works for Christmas cards, too!

Add storage to your entryway with an old rake

Prepare for coat season by adding more storage to your entryway walls, on the cheap! All it takes is an old rake head.

Banish garage chaos with this organizer

The chances are slim that guests will head down there, but in case they do, solve the chaos with this organizer!

Turn a storage unit into a cozy window seat

OK, all of us dream of reading in a cozy nook while staring out the window at falling snow. This season, make it happen!

Brighten your fireplace before Santa arrives

With a 4 oz. jar of white wash glaze, you can add character to your brick fireplace, changing the look for about $13.

Make holiday lanterns from wine glasses

Using a colorful blend of paint or stain, create a vibrant collage on top of some cheap wine glasses and add tea lights.

Upgrade curb appeal with one pop of color

Instantly make your curb appeal look 100 times better for guests, with a single pop of color, like this aqua mailbox.

Make your kitchen look new without a reno

A fresh paint job (especially if it's white!) can turn an old kitchen into a brand new beauty, no other updates needed!

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