Tin Can Craft Projects - Quick, Simple and Beautiful

I haven't been crafting at all lately so I was thinking it was about time to get out my glue, scissors, and crafting stash of goodies.
With all my stuff in my arms I called to my daughter so she could join in on the fun. She always makes something nice.
We started with a few tin cans. I pulled out white material, buttons, ribbons and lace. I told Christina to decorate her can anyway she wanted but to keep it white. And if she had anything silver to add that would be great too.
This is what we started with. A few empty spaghetti sauce cans and our crafting stash.
Christina made this. Isn't it pretty?
She started by covering the whole can inside and outside with a thin sheer fabric. It's kinda a cool cause it looks almost with it is painted but you can also see that it is fabric.
Then she added the shimmery ribbon to the top.
Next came the frilly lace at the base of the can.
She looked around the table to see what else she could add when she spied to stick on jewels which she placed just below the ribbon.
It looked finished to me but she thought it needed a little something else. That's when she decided to add the string of silver beads.
I think her project is beautiful. You can't even tell it started off as a spaghetti sauce can. That is until you turn it over and look at the bottom.
This is my tin can craft project. I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
I hoped the material I had in mind wouldn't be too wide. And it wasn't. It was a perfect fit.
I used fabric glue to adhere the two ends together. I made sure to fold the raw edge under by at least a 1/4" to give it a finished edge.
Then I glued down white bias tape to the edge of the can. It was coming together just as I imagined.
Lastly I wrapped thin ribbon around the can a few times and finished it off with a simple bow.
Next time I use this type of can again for a project I will check for a seam in the tin to make sure it is at the back.
Since I finished my tin can craft project so fast I decided to decorate another one. This was a challenge because I had absolutely no idea how to begin and I didn't want it to look the first tin cans.
I thought about painting it but that would take too long. Then I spied this ribbon which was a nice width, it wasn't shiny or fancy so I glued it to the top and bottom of the can.
Now what. Eww. White beads. Nice. I only had a few of the larger white beads so I had to spread them out and add some smaller beads in between.
What to do with the middle section? Maybe some lace? Why not. And some ribbon to fill in the gaps.
I was going to add a lace bow but it just didn't look right to me. Then ta-ding. A lace flower. Too hard. A circle of lace with a ..... button in the middle. Christina added the tiny white beads.
I can't believe the transformation.
Christina and I were just finishing up when my granddaughter got home from school. Of course she wanted to do a craft too. Luckily for her I still had one can all washed up and ready to go.
Faith immediatley picked up the same fabric as her Mom. I helped her glue it to the can.
Faith spied the colorful beads and before I knew it she had her project done.
All in all I think we had a fun afternoon of crafting. And a productive one too.

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  • Gramcracker
    on Jan 17, 2016

    In the very first picture of this can post, it looks like there are lids on your two cans? Or am I just seeing things?? I do agree w/others to use cans that come w/lids (just to keep the dust out) LOL

    • Bar22798094
      on Jul 4, 2017

      If using the can opener that leaves no sharp edge, could you attach a 'hidge' to utilize the lid?
  • Pam
    on Dec 17, 2016

    What did you use for the tops? Thank you.

  • Leena
    on Oct 8, 2019

    Great ideas! Looks like you have a lid on the cans. Do you?


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  • Kathy Kovacev
    Kathy Kovacev
    on Dec 25, 2018

    Yes, adorable. I'll make three for my bathroom. One large sauce can, one small sauce can, and one tomato paste can. Use for cotton balls, q-tips, and make-up pads.

  • Jackie
    on Feb 16, 2019


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