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A fun way to organize your craft room!

Learn to make these cute mason jar twine holders. It's a great way to organize your craft room using items you already have (plus a few extras from the hardware store).
Update: I would like to address the two biggest questions I've received regarding this project:
Question #1. Where did I get the daisy lids? I have included three links on my blog where you can purchase them. One link takes you to gold ones, one takes you to silver ones, and another takes you to a link selling the lids with the jars. http://www.acasarella.net/2013/03/mason-jar-twine-holders.html
Question #2. Does the thread get tangled as you pull different strands through? So far the answer is no. And by "no" I mean that you can keep pulling strands through the lid and they all come out smoothly and uninterrupted. They do, however, seem to get twisted around one another. The twisting does not seem to be an impediment, though, as the strands still come through the holes just fine.
I don't know if this is because of the washers I put between each spool or if there's some other reason it's working for me, but I have almost completely unraveled a few of the spools in order to test it out. I hope it works as well for all of you!
(Update, 9/3/13: I am now selling mason jar twine holders in my etsy shop. Check them out here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/acasarella)


To see more: http://www.acasarella.net/2013/03/mason-jar-twine-holders.html

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