Hot Glue Christmas Trees

2 Hours

Making your own holiday decorations can save you a lot of money, especially when you can reuse some of the components again and again. That's what I love about making this hot glue One $8 Styrofoam cone can make endless trees.
All you need is some inexpensive hot glue, some aluminum foil, and your reusable cone.
Cover your Styrofoam cone with foil. I used small dots of hot glue to hold the foil together where needed. Be sure not to glue the tinfoil to the cone. Cover the cone completely.
Using the hot glue, cover the foil in swirls, lines, dots... Any pattern will do. This tree is covered in Hot glue swirls.
Continue adding hot glue until the foil is covered.
Once the glue has cooled and hardened, you can slide the Styrofoam cone right out from the bottom, leaving a beautiful foil tree behind!
You can paint the tree, or leave it as it is. If you want a different size, use the same cone but only cover the top half in foil and stop when you get to the bottom of the foil. Same cone, different size tree!
For more information, visit the blog link below!

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Kelli @CraftShackChronicles

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3 questions
  • Lee Nadeau
    on Nov 23, 2015

    Beautiful but was wondering if the glue stays glued or does it start to fall off after time?

    • Kelli @CraftShackChronicles
      on Nov 23, 2015

      @Lee Nadeau My glue is staying put just fine. There are no signs of separation (even on the tree I knocked off the mantel, twice!) When you draw the design with the glue, make sure you are filling up most of the foil. The glue will hold together, and even if it does start separating from the foil a bit the tree will hold.

    • I thought I'd come back and update this answer a year later! I pulled the Trees out again this year, and they are still perfect. The glue is holding fabulously and they held up after a year of storage without any problems.

    • Janet Stockbridge
      on May 6, 2017

      how did you store them without them getting crushed out oif shape? Did you stack inside of each other & then insert the cone?? I don't have storage space to just set them next to each other till next year. LOL
    • Janet that is exactly how I stored them! I They're still holding up great.
  • Betty
    on Nov 25, 2015

    Can you get the same effect if you use a paper cone or does it have to be Styrofoam ?

    • Kelli @CraftShackChronicles
      on Nov 25, 2015

      @Betty As long as you don't glue your foil to the paper cone, I imagine it would work just as well when you pull it off at the end :)

    • Jeanne Martin
      on Jan 2, 2019

      Heck, you could make paper cones out of cardstock or poster board and leave them inside the decorated trees for more stability. I couldn't afford to try that with styrofoam cones but I could with paper cones. Or as this post recommends, take them out and reuse! I love this idea. I have a collection of trees I've made on my mantle during the holidays and now I have a new type to make and add...thanks!

  • Flossie
    on Oct 1, 2016

    What type of paint did you need to use on the foil? Love these trees!

    • Thank you Flossie! You can paint hot glue with any kind of paint. The small white tree has been spray painted white, and the gold tree is a gold Metallic wax. Acrylic paint would work too. There are specific product links on my blog :)

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  • Rsc3566919
    on Oct 30, 2017

    Beautiful tree designs. I was wondering if the foil with the glue is on very sturdy once painted.
    • Jeanne Martin
      on Jan 2, 2019

      I was wondering the same thing. As I mentioned above, I think I will make cones out of cardstock/poster board and leave them inside the finished tree for stability.

  • Heather Botteron O'Cain
    on Nov 10, 2018

    This is a super cute idea, love it!!!

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