Asked on Mar 10, 2013

Bird nest problem

Superior Remodeling, LLCDouglas Hunt


I think there are birds nesting in the exhaust pipe from my kitchen exhaust fan. I thought maybe they were just near the pipe... don't think so... I think they have made a nest in the pipe. There is a cover on the pipe, but it is not easily accessed so I can not check myself. What do I do or who do I call to check this out? The vent fan is just above the stove top.
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Mar 11, 2013

    If there is a cover on the pipe, Ella, why do you think there is a bird nest there? If it is an active nest, it cannot be removed by federal law unless the birds are starlings or house sparrows.

  • Superior Remodeling, LLC
    on Mar 12, 2013

    just leave the fan on as much as possible it will make them want to leave.

  • Superior Remodeling, LLC
    on Mar 12, 2013

    once the nest has no birds or eggs in it you can remove it or call someone to remove it

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