Old Magazines

You've been saving these on your coffee table for ages! Don't you think making tiny trees is a much better use of them? Get tutorial here

Unneeded Oven Racks

Get your kitchen organized before the cooking frenzy begins, by turning oven racks into mounted storage! Get tutorial here

Dingy Furniture

Whether they're hiding in your attack or sitting in your basement, you could be using these pieces for the holidays! Get tutorial here

Wooden Door

In need of more surface space? Turn an old door (or any slab of scrap wood) into a rustic coffee table or kid's table. Get tutorial here

Old Mirrors

They're just sitting around waiting to break, so why not turn your extra mirrors into glamorous Christmas wreaths! Get tutorial here

Extra Clothespins

Turn extra clothespins into glittering snowflakes to decorate your porch, staircase, mantel, or tree. Make it snow! Get tutorial here

Forgotten Platters

If you haven't used those salad plates in months, it's time to put them to better use - as holiday display stands! Get tutorial here

Empty Picture Frames

Make a framed ornament decoration using a few extra balls and ribbons and an empty picture frame. Get tutorial here

Wooden Crates

This clever ottoman design could not be any cozier! Add one to your living room for guests to snuggle up and enjoy. Get tutorial here

Collected Glass Windows

Turn an extra window into a gorgeous photo display, so you can show off your favorite family shots to holiday guests. Get tutorial here

Add a Post of Your Own

Your brilliant idea could show up in next week's round up! Just follow the link below to learn how to add your own post: Get tutorial here