Asked on Dec 17, 2011

Once again, I am amazed at how many are from the East and south, I dont know contractors, etc over here (Northwest) to

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get involved on Hometalk! How can I spread the word? Washington Oregon, Montana..
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  • 3po3
    on Dec 18, 2011

    If you talk to your friends who aren't contractors, they can talk to their contractor friends and their favorite handymen. Just tell everyone how cool it is, and the word will spread. Once they try it, they will be hooked, as we all know.

  • Bernice you can ask all your friends to join Hometalk and post their project and problems. It would be great to see all their DIY projects and ideas!

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 18, 2011

    One thing that "boosted" the number of members in GA and FL. Were some of the homeshows that Hometalk participated in. In many of those free parking passes were handed out to new members. As Steve and Yamini noted the more you spread the word the more word gets around. If you tell 10 friends how awesome it is...and each of those friends tell 10 more you can see how quickly the numbers will rise.

  • Agreed that it is best to speak with friends and family about it and ask that they do the same. You could also go on a personal (and free) mini-advertising type thing perhaps. A couple posts on places like Facebook, Twitter or even something Craig's List could be of great help. I'm sure that if people hear what it like from the personal experience of a site user can go a long way.

  • 3po3
    on Dec 18, 2011

    If you're on Facebook, "share" a Hometalk post that excites you. Your friends will feel the same and will get hooked.

  • Bernice H
    on Dec 18, 2011

    hmmm steve, how do I do that? I usually get in , check out my gkids, get out!

  • Miriam I
    on Dec 18, 2011

    Hi Bernice, you can share on facebook by clicking on the "share" link right below your post. You can also invite people you know to Hometalk here: Let me know if you you have any trouble.

  • You could always move! It seems the longer I am here I find a lot of transplants from the NY and NJ area are moving south. Tell your friends as Miriam suggests on Facebook etc. Do you know any contractors that you have used? Tell them as well. They will find this a very valuable resource when they need an idea or a question answered.

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