Three items I've done, Lamp shade, drawers, Eraser board for Desk top

I took a Basket painted it Burgundy, then I added some fringe, and it was still missing some thing, Oh some jewels, all the way around. The best part of this is you can still use the Basket upright again! Turned out beautiful. Next is the old Dresser, I painted that Burgundy as well , added some free-hand art-work, and changed the draw pulls on it. I did a cherry blossom theme on front, and I put all od my video's in it, much neater look. Last but not least, I took a picture frame, added some pretty paper inside, toped it off with some wood work and added a Easer pen and glued it to a stretchy gold cord , and now it's a Eraser Board for memo's or to do list for the Desk top. And I painted it Burgundy with some jewels on either side. Can't help the flare, but they all go together well.
Basket Lamp Shade w/fringe & jewels, also Eraser Board Desk top frame
Three Drawer Dresser w/ Free hand art work, and I put pink glass pulls on it.
front view
over all view , the top has 60 coat of Epoxy over art work
This holds three hundred twenty-seven video's in their cases, so all three items tie in together quite well I think
And this is another look at the front again.

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