Asked on Mar 12, 2013

Has anyone tried this? Turn a painted wall into a dry erase board.

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I am planning to try this myself but wanted to see if anyone has already done so to get their input.
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  • Frances S
    on Mar 12, 2013

    Make sure you do more then three coats, and have a lot of ventilation.

  • Nest Home Improvement
    on Mar 12, 2013

    Frances have you used it yourself? Can you share pictures?

  • I have completed two projects using this product, Works great, and as the other post stated it will take several coats. The smell is very strong so ventilation helps. Wall prep is the key as with any other painting project. I do not have finish pictures due to it being a small part of a customers job.

  • I have completed 4 office/presentation room projects with this product and others similiar to it. Prep the area to be coated by taping around and spackling/sanding imperfections. We always like to apply a coat of KILZ Premium Primer and scuff sand with 120 Grit sandpaper to prepare and smooth out surface as best possible to get a clear smooth finish and gripping for application of coatings. Clean/wipe down with cloth to remove dust. Make sure to ventilate area well because it is a very strong odor. Wear protective clothing and mask/glasses during application. Depending on the wall or area you are painting, make sure to paint 2-3 feet area sections completely and move onward while maintaining a wet edge around and on continuing to next area. We also use foam rollers for the smoothest finish possible. Do not use a brush to cut around areas....use a foam brush.Use denatured alcohol or mineral spirits for cleanup. Let dry and recoat. We apply 2 coats for maximum effectiveness of product. Let dry 1-2 days completely before using. Hope it works out well.

  • Kate
    on Aug 23, 2016

    Does it have built in color, or does it go over other paint?

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