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Crafting is my joy, which I started soon after we moved to the States around 2 1/2 years ago (back to the States for my hubby, but first time for me). But to be honest, my first year crafting wasn't very pleasant. Especially wreath making...which was totally a different animal for me. After my first wreath for Halloween 2013, which was a great disappointment for me, I didn't want to ever try making another one again. But last summer finding a full tutorial on Joann's web site, I managed to make a 'somewhat acceptable' wreath.
Since the score for the "Wreath vs Handan" match was 1-1, I decided to make a Christmas wreath this year. But seeing so many wreath styles out there, I just couldn't decide on what I wanted to do...until I saw this in a Ballard Designs catalog!
With fingers crossed for another 'somewhat acceptable' wreath, I started gathering the materials: two pre-lit noble fir garlands, one 22-inch noble fir wreath which I found at Put & Take last year, one set of mini Christmas lights, and four wire hangers. Since mine wasn't going to be a fresh wreath, I didn't want it to be too plain. To spice it up a bit, I collected some pine cones from the woods and found a ribbon, some faux berries and a Dollar Store cardinal in my crafts room.
Note: If you are planning to do a similar project and don't have the garlands in hand, then I recommend you to wait until next year to do it, because at this time of year, the garland prices spike. But the day after Christmas, all the shops tend to have sales up to 70%. This is how I bought my two garlands from Bed Bath and Beyond. A 6 foot pre-lit garland (2-pack) dropped down to $19.99. Besides I had 20% discount coupon so I only paid $16 for two garlands.
First I started making the wreath forms for the letters 'J' and 'Y' using wire hangers. For this step I had to use pliers, as the wire hangers I chose were rather on the strong side, so they were a bit harder to bend. When I started doing the 'Y', I finally had enough of the strong wire hangers, so I changed them with a plastic coated wire hangers. Even though it was slightly thinner wire, it was still strong enough to hold the shape, and much easier to bend.

It looks like I nailed this one pretty good!
Since I ended up with a better than 'somewhat acceptable' wreath and nobody was calling it names, I found the courage to take it a step further: I wanted to make a frame for it... a frame that would bring some neutral color to the whole thing and give it a wall-art look.
And with the lights on...
I love how it hangs over the mantel!
I am so proud of myself! Now I think I can call it a match with "Wreath vs Handan."

Suggested materials:

  • Wire
  • Chicken wire

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  • Patty
    on Jan 13, 2016

    My question is about hoe to actually get a 6ft garland around a wire hanger that appears so small,can I get mote detailed instructions ad ,I am starting this project this week for this Christmas.

    • @Patty Both J and Y are 24 inches tall when finished, so they are not very small... Total length of the wires: J (with the hook part and the straight part altogether) is 33+ inches. Same thing with the Y. Total length of Y with the V part and the bottom stick part makes around 34 inches. So 6 feet garland wraps both front and back of the wires leaves me only 1 inch on the each end which helps me hiding the end part of the wires. I hope this makes sense. Good luck with your project!

  • Patty
    on Jan 17, 2016

    Thank you for your reply on the joy wreaths,I was so excited to hear from you,I hope Iwill get instructions on how to do the four hangers as you said you would do A picture is worth 1000 words Many thanks again

    • @Patty I responded to you 4 days ago. Just in case you didn't see the responses just scroll up on this page and you should see the responses under your questions.

  • Patty
    on Jan 18, 2016

    Sorry Handan,I could not scroll anything,so Idid the view reply an it took me to the original instructions,still need to know how to use the four hangers,to make the both letters 24 inches.Many thanks

    • Hello Patty, Now that Hometalk separates the question/answer from the comments it should be easier to find the answers. Check out the responses for question no.4 (count from above) and the last question.

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  • Patty
    on Jan 13, 2016

    I did write a summary and the ask key repeats the same question

  • Sch8226590
    on Nov 8, 2016

    Handan this is just gorgeous!!! I would leave this up year round as a woodland decor. This is my 3rd project I've seen you do and you are so talented and lovely. I'm loving your stuff.......have a beautiful day.

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