DIY Woodburned Tribute Plaque for a Loved One - For Beginners!

2 Hours
Wood burning or "pyrography" is such an organic and detailed craft. Though the most skilled artisans can create free hand wood burned pieces, a beginner can still create something beautiful with a little help. When we decided to create a wood burned tribute plaque for a loved one, we could not wait to share the tutorial for anyone interested in learning the techniques. It may be surprising, but this beautiful wood burned tribute plaque was created by a total newbie!
"It's hard to forget someone who gave us so much to remember" - the quote we wood burned onto the wood slice. The font is beautiful!
You will need: a wood slice (or another wooden objects to burn), wood burning kit, a nice design.
The trick to making this beautiful design is to create a stencil to trace - without free handing! You will actually TRANSFER the design from paper to the wood slice.
Using a laser printer (required), reverse your design and print it on paper. Tape the paper to your wood (ink side down).
Use a flat head attachment on your wood burning tool and rub it all over the backside of the paper (you can also use an iron, instead).
IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: Do not stay on one part of the paper for too long or it will burn causing a fire hazard.
Like magic, the image is printed on the wood!
Now it is time to follow your design and burn the wood. For an expert, this might be an easy process, however, for a beginning wood burner it might take a little bit of time experimenting with different heads until you find the one that works best for you. Trace the printed design with the wood burning tool.
HELPFUL TIP: Slow and steady wins the race for wood burning, it is a slow process but the result is fabulous.
Add other embellishments, designs or words using the same process described above (print on paper, iron / rub onto wood, trace with wood burning tool).
It's incredible that this was wood burned but did not have to be done by free hand. It was traced and it turned out fantastic. Especially around this time of year, a wood burned tribute plaque or "I love you" wood slice would make a perfect holiday gift. Have you ever wood burned before? How did it go?
Brittany | Sarah | Sam
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