Egg Shell Planting-Perfect for Starting Plants

Many of us including myself plant all year long. My favorite way to start just about any seed including for Sprouts is in Egg Shells.
Now you may thinking to yourself that is a cool idea and I always have plenty of eggs. But what is the benefit. Oh wait til you read them.
  • egg shell planting perfect for starting plants, gardening
Why are Eggs so great and what can I use them for?
Fertilizing ~ Eggshells fertilize your garden. They are a great source of calcium and other minerals, so they are a great compost for your garden.
Pest Control ~ Did you know that Snails, slugs and even deer hate eggshells? This is a great way to protect your garden from unwanted creatures.
Create the best tomato plants with the help of eggshells ~ Tomatoes plants can get blossom end rot which is a lack of calcium and can destroy your tomato plant. Simply put some crushed eggshells in the bottom of the hole that you dig for your tomato plant and then transplant the tomato plant right into the garden.
Food for indoor plants ~ Eggshells can be food for indoor plants. Simply add your clean crushed eggshells to some filtered water and leave in a cool dark place for several days. You now have some homemade plant food for your indoor plants. Make sure you mark the container. I use mason jars for so many things its easy to get confused :) When my girls were little I added a few drops of Blue food coloring to remind myself it was for plants. (Blue for Miracle Grow) but my own Miracle Grow :)
  • egg shell planting perfect for starting plants, gardening
How To Start Seeds In Eggshells
Get yourself some seeds and seed starting soil and lets get started. I chose to seed three of my favorite annual flowers…Johnny Jump Ups and Marigolds and Tomatoes. You could also choose to add your favorite cool weather seeds. This is going to be your garden so you decide.
Starting seeds in eggshells is a super easy process.
Save your eggshells from breakfast. ( I save all my egg shells ) Rinse them out so they won’t become sticky or smelly.
Add soil to the eggshells. Note: You want to be sure to use seed starting soil. This is a lighter soil that allows the root system to grow freely through the plant, this in turn will create a strong and healthy plant.
  • egg shell planting perfect for starting plants, gardening

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