Old medicine cabinet gets a facelift for $30

After searching for a new medicine cabinet and not finding any of quality or reasonable price, I decided to just give mine a facelift. I measured the mirror door and went to a craft store and bought an open back picture frame for $25. I removed the door and once properly aligned, I secured the mirror to the frame with metal mirror holders and frame screws. I had to buy the screws separately because the screws that came with the metal holders were too long. I then ran strong adhesive glue all around the edge of the mirror and let dry for around 6 hours. Once dry I reattached the door and voila, it looks like a brand new medicine cabinet. Next up, getting rid of that awful light above it.......baby steps. ;)
Medicine Cabinet in original state
Lightweight open picture frame from craft store
mirror holders and glue
attached mirror holder to frame
running glue around side of mirror
attached mirror door
Finished product

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