Asked on Dec 23, 2011

I need to replace filler between to pieces of granite countertop.

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I tried asking at the local Home Depot, unfortunately they were not helpful at all. I only need a small amount, but need it to look clean as the joint is located in front of the built-in stovetop.
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 23, 2011

    Jeff....when solid granite slabs are assembled in the field the normal method is to "connect" the pieces with a 2 part epoxy that has had a bit of dye added to it to match the color of the stone. Filling this "crack" after the slab are in place can be a little more challenging as getting the filler "into" the crack can be a challenge. Most epoxies are to viscous to "flow" into the gap. I have had some pretty good results with caulk, CA Glue and epoxy that I "force" into a gap with a stiff putty knife. Practice you color matching, I have used acrylic "art" paint in the mini tubes..just a drop or so to the glue / caulk. The seam can be smoothed and flattened with a razor blade.

  • Jeff, go to any granite supply company that does fabrication. They can either direct you on where to purchase such a sealer or perhaps even sell you the product to you. What they use is a two part epoxy that is colored to blend in with the color stone that you have. As KMS stated it can flow out of the joint as well. So you may need to polish the joint once its filled where it may flow out. Placing some painters tape on side and bottom of joint and just filling from the top may work for you.

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