"Outdoor BONUS Room" ~ Take full advantage of all the space in your yard and incorporate the space under the deck!

"Outdoor Bonus Room" ~ An often over looked space in the landscape that can provide a great return on design value is the space under the deck! If you are building a new deck or have an existing deck the area under it will need to be considered. Most of the time it is covered with rock or mulch and left alone. If you plan to complete yourself or hire a design professional make sure you consider a couple of factors: Head room - 7' is a good minimum height for useable space; Drainage - always make sure you create a positive flow away from the house; Planting Soil - if you plan on gardening you will need to amend the soil and work to negate the compaction due to deck construction. When working on your landscape master plan make sure to create an "Outdoor Bonus Room" under the deck. Cheers!
The small boulder wall creates a grade change along with the chilton flagging for the patio create a more relaxed and informal feel to this room under the deck. The sweet hammock goes along way in making this an awesome oasis.
Interlocking concrete pavers used for the patio under this deck make the space extremely functional. The above decking provides shade and a great place to take a break during gardening.
Gardening under the deck... sure! it's aperfect place for a shade garden! This deck is on the side of the house and makes a wonderful place for a secrete garden. A perfect place to get away from it all and just relax.
Incorporating the space under the deck can make the maintenance that much easier. The space can be delightful and pleasing to look at as part of the landscape.
The custom made trellis and the planting bed further create the feeling of an outdoor garden room under the deck.
The space under the deck can become some of the most beautiful space in the yard. The perfect place to add a place to sit and relax. On a hot day this shade garden under the deck is just an awesome spot to take a break.

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  • Bonnie Lewenza
    on Mar 1, 2014

    I love the use of the space under the deck. Shade is one thing that my yard lacks or did, a few years back I had planted a purple sand cherry as well as a weeping mulberry fruitless. They both took off beautifully and now provide some shaded area on my patio which is also flagstone. Your yard is really beautiful.

  • Distinctive Deck Designs
    on Jul 23, 2014

    This was beautifully done!

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