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PotteryBarn Silhouette Reindeer Knockoff

I love PotteryBarn decorations but sometimes it's just not feasible to purchase some of those seasonal items. So I've come up with a knockoff you can easily do at home. knockoff
This is my PotteryBarn Silhouette Reindeer Knockoff. I love when I can duplicate something and not have to pay over $100 dollars. Come and see how I created this fabulous knockoff.
This piece of birch plywood I picked up at Michael's for $5 (using a coupon of course). I love the fact that Michael's carries different sizes of wood you can purchase for projects. It's great and you don't have to go to the hardware store.
To start this project off I painted the wood using white chalk paint. If you don't have chalk paint use whatever paint you have on hand.
I than download a reindeer online for free (nice) and trace it on a piece of contact paper. Once that was done you are ready to paint your reindeer. This project cost me $6 verses $103 from PotteryBarn. To see the full tutorial stop by my blog for all the details.

To see more: http://diy180site.blogspot.com/2015/12/potterybarn-silhouette-reindeer.html

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