How to fix a lamp that needs a new inside

The thing that you put the bulb into in the lamp went out, and I would like to know how to fix it.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 08, 2015
    If you have Home Depot or Lowes in your town they sell the replacements parts for this. I would take the broken piece with you for sizing.
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Dec 08, 2015
    It's not difficult to replace that. You'll learn something new in the process!
  • Deneen Giesen Deneen Giesen on Dec 08, 2015
    I pull up youtube videos for pretty much anything like that.
  • Francesca Francesca on Dec 08, 2015
    Janet'scorrect. You can buy lamp kits and replacement parts at Home Depot. Or, if the lamp is very expensive a lamp store could do a replacement for you. I'd say that might be around $30 for them to do it.
  • Louis Lieberman Louis Lieberman on Dec 08, 2015
    disconnect the cord-then unscrew the old socket-there should be a screw in the bottom holding it in place-then pull the socket out&disconnect the 2 wires .get a new socket from home depot or an electrical outlet store & replace it in reverse of removing it -luck!!!
  • Barb Barb on Dec 08, 2015
    I want to thank you for your help its so very kind of you. and really help me out alot thank you again
  • Louis Lieberman Louis Lieberman on Dec 09, 2015
    you're welcome!!!!
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