How to Build a Red Screen Door Out of an Old Window

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2 Hours

For the closet under my stairs, since day one, I had my heart set on this closet being closed by an old screen door painted red. The only problem was, I couldn’t find a door to fit the space, so I decided that I had no choice but to build a screen door!

Which, left me a bit at a loss, as you guys know I really would much rather recycle then build totally from scratch, so we’ve been living without a door on my “wood closet” for several months now. Then I found this old window.

The moment I picked it up and leaned it against the garage, I knew it was all that I had been looking for. Tragically, the bottom screen was in too bad a shape to repair so I had to cut it off, so the window (already way too short) ended up FAR too short to be our door. So, I got to work.

I sandwiched the screen and the plywood with a 1×4 running entirely down either side, using screws as I went. Then, I flipped it over to the “front” and started framing it out with 1x4s around the bottom where the plywood was and 2x2s around the window.

The screen door complete, I added hinges and brought it into the house. I used regular door hinges but I only used two, this door didn’t weigh very much so I knew two would do. Once hung, I used wood putty on all of the screws holes and then sanded the entire door down with fine grit sand paper and my electric palm sander. Then, I taped off the screen and used Rustoleum Sunset Red paint.

I did three coats of paint on it and, yes I know, Rustoleum was a bit over kill but but the quart sized can of Rustoleum was only $7 and I used very little of it and I figured I would use it again somewhere else and it was also the perfect color.

I love my little screen door!

Suggested materials:

  • Screen
  • Red paint

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  • Lori Johansen
    on Dec 10, 2015

    Bugs were on my mind as silverfish in your area? Last time I ordered a cord of wood (Oklahoma), I drove into the garage one night and saw "movement" across the wood. Teaming with silverfish...haven't done it since, It's a GREAT idea...just wondered about all the creepy crawlers in wood. :)

    • GrandmasHouseDIY
      on Dec 10, 2015

      @Lori Johansen Oh that just gave me the willies! No, haven't had any problems so far lol But, again, we're very far north. All we've see are a couple of grubs and they didn't survive the burning :)

  • Henri001
    on Dec 11, 2015

    On your screens....why not screen print a cute little logo...something like "wood shed" or something like that on the top one and a cute little design on the lower screen?? LOVE the screen door!!

    • Michelle Taylor
      on May 26, 2018

      I am on it. We have purchased a home a year ago. The previous owners took every mirror and screen to the house. So luckly I love and upgrade mirrors regularly. But the strength door I have been pondering. This will be perfect. Can't wait.

  • Karen Pullen
    on Dec 22, 2015

    This is beautiful and a great idea. I was confused at first about why you would cut off the screen door when it was the screen that needed to be replaced. But, then I figured it would be sturdier and less prone to damage for its use with a solid wood lower panel. The only other question I have is whether the door has screen or glass (the pic appears to show glass reflecting), but it would be screen that would allow the ventilation. Just confused...

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