9 Gorgeous Ways to Use a Plain Wooden Crate for Christmas

Maybe we should be adding a plain wooden crate to the top of our gift lists...

By Hometalk Highlights

Turn It into Santa’s Sleigh

Pair a painted crate with thrift store runners and voila! A tiny sleigh to make Santa proud.

Set a Holiday Scene

Pick your favorite holiday image or song verse and bring it to life with a shadowbox scene.

Make a Mini Tree Planter

Spread cheer to every corner of your home (and garden) with a gorgeous tree-in-a-box!

Create a Heartwarming Hearthside Bin

Turn a plaid crate into cute fireplace stowing space for throws, gifts, or even extra logs.

Decorate a Sweet Tree & Truck Display

Everyone loves that classic tree and truck set up, so create one for your mantel or tablescape.

Add Cozy Corner Storage

Keep all your winter warmth materials contained but close, with a beautiful striped bin.

Make a Porch Planter

Brighten up your winter porch with a pop of bright poinsettia-red and a cute crate planter.

Set a Small Nativity Scene

Instead of simply setting a nativity scene on your yard, add an indoor set up with a crate.

Design Some Snowy Storage

It’s always good to have extra boxes around for the holidays, especially when they’re snowy.