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In an earlier post I've introduced that I'm working on lock hardware for the Fox Theater. Thursday Dec. 22nd as I tried to put together a complete exit device out of parts from the Fox's subbasement, it became clear a trip to the hardware store was in order, but not just any hardware store. I've found a small chain called Howard Hardware, these folks carry so many more items that most. As I'm explaining to a clerk, about the hardware and were it's from, a gentleman approaches to explain he was one of a group of Georgia Tech Students in the 70's that worked on a revive the Fox program and how much he loves the Fox. Then to my surprise, from our conversation I become aware he's an accomplished craftsman and machinist. If that's not enough, he offers to take me back to his machine shop in the basement of his home, where we were like a couple of kids tinkering. With the machining of a part here and a piece there, we ended up with a complete device that worked like 1920. This story could end here and be great on its own. Yet there is more to tell. Greg Waits, my new friend, owns and operates a mill work which carries out historic preservation and restoration on doors and windows. I've been ask to look at restoring some of the doors at the Fox, I've already talked to the general manager to set up a meeting for Greg and myself. Some days we just flow.
inside exit device

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