Painting my dishes for tiers!

Well, I did something I have never done before , so you all can tell me if it is a good or bad idea. I had some clear dishes ,( part of my stock pile), but they weren't very interesting. So I decided to spray paint them with a "hammered" bronze paint, I let them dry overnight and now we will see if the glue sticks to the one I painted on the bottom of the plate, and if they chip with jewelry thrown on them. If anyone has a better idea...please let me know. At least they are more interesting , than the plain jane dishes they were.

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  • Kelly S
    on Jan 17, 2015

    @gail--My Repurposed Life I went to your site and love them too. You are right in that drilling isn't as addictive as gluing. My family in IL does this too and they sell them. They made ones that used the old school condiment sections as wings for angels. The ones that are 3 separate containers that fit one on plate and held condiments or pickles and olives.

    • Bernice H
      on Jan 17, 2015

      @Kelly S hey you are still lurking ...good to know. I don't think you guys are getting enough rain , are you? I am leaving all my yard art in the garden or the shed for my daughter who is buying the mhome. My stuff gets all rain mineral stained...or sprinkler stain. And this is irrigation water in our garden. Everything has mineral deposits on it, nothing looks shiny now, so anything new I make will be out of the elements. do you have this problem?

  • Cheryl
    on Jan 28, 2015

    For jewelry, I'd coat the paint with a clear poly for protection, but it's just my habit! If anyone wants to make something like this for a server, though - please only paint the bottoms unless you have food grade paint. The rest isn't good to serve edibles, but looks great painted on the bottoms.

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