Seasoning the Holidays

Spice up the holidays a bit by turning vintage, clear, glass salt and pepper shakers into holiday decor. These little jars are perfect for displaying holiday photos or cards. Or, make a bunch and use them as place cards at the table. Here's how I made them ...
First, punch out a circle or oval shape using etchmask. Stick the etchmask to the jar, smooth out all the bubbles and make sure the edges are stuck down tight.
Place the shaker in a plastic container and fill the container with water to the point you want the glass etched. Remove the shaker and mark the water on the outside of the container. (This is how you know how much etchall dip 'n etch liquid to use).
Dump the water and dry everything off, then pour the etchall dip 'n etch liquid in the container to the mark you made. Now place the shaker in the container again. NOTE: It will float, so be ready with something heavy to place on top or place some pennies in the shaker, like I did here. Wait 15 minutes.
Remove the shaker, wash it off and remove the etchmask. Pour the etchall dip 'n etch back into the bottle (it is reusable) and wash our your container to use next time.
I love the soft etched glass ... the trees really pop in the area that was covered by the etchmask. Although the photo does not show it well, it reminds me of looking into a diorama and you feel like the inside is much bigger than it really is.
Back to the tutorial ... adhere the tree to the bottom of the shaker (I used silicone). Add faux snow to cover the base of the tree.
I also went around the unetched areas with little dots of Liquid Pearls.
Trim a cork down to fit inside the lid of the shaker and adhere it. (I used Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear adhesive).
I coated the small shakers with glitter and the larger ones with Indigo Blue Mega Flake.
Once dry, carefully insert a memo pin from Tim Holtz into the center hole.
Add a bit of twine or ribbon and you are ready to go!

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2 questions
  • Rhonda
    on Dec 14, 2015

    I don't really understand what the etchmask did. It looks just like the rest of the bottle except for the tree. Can you explain? They are adorable.

    • Donna
      on Dec 14, 2015

      @Rhonda The tiny tree is inside the shaker. The masked tape kept the etching solution from etching (frosting) that area (the circle). Then, when the etching solution does it's job and you peel off the circle sticker, the whole shaker looks etched except for where the circle sticker was. That's where you see the tree through. It's very easy. These are very cute. )

    • Candy Spiegel
      on Dec 14, 2015

      Thank you for answering for me!😀

    • Candy Spiegel
      on Dec 14, 2015

      IN addition to what was already stated, the shakers were originally clear. The etching gave them a frosted appearance. However, unlike frosting, this will not scrape off.

    • Paula Lotte
      on Dec 15, 2015

      I think this photo makes it look as if the circle opening is etched like the rest, but we're seeing the opposite side of the shaker (which was etched) through the opening.

    • Rhonda
      on Dec 15, 2015

      @Donna Oh, now I see it. Cool. I will be on the lookout for some old salt and pepper shakers at the thrift store. Thanks for the explanation.

    • Anne-Marie Welch
      on Dec 17, 2015

      @Paula Lotte

  • Sherry vogt
    on Dec 17, 2015

    I am not sure what type of tree you a attached to the glass, is it a sticker?

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  • Sherry vogt
    on Dec 17, 2015

    oh, I see it now....duhhhhh, it was 5 am here when I read the post...need to sleep more apparently! ha!

  • Dmparr
    on Dec 18, 2015

    Please be kind to us newbies. I read the entire post 3 times before I got everything!

    • Candy Spiegel
      on Dec 18, 2015

      I don't mind answering questions ... Etched glass is hard to photograph and hard to see in pictures.

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