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Christmas Pillow Craft

I'm back with another great stenciled pillow project for you from Paint a Pillow, a sister company to Cutting Edge Stencils. Can I say how amazing these pillow kits are? They come all set up and ready to paint. There is cardboard inserted into the pillow to give a hard surface for painting. It is placed inside a kit which holds the stencil in place while painting. It's so easy and then the actual part of stenciling doesn't take that long.
Stenciling your pillow is fairly easy and it comes with instructions on how to do it properly with your pillow kit. You can also find detailed instructions on their website. I would advise, as they share in their directions, to start with the lighter colors first. With my previous pillow I did for Halloween, I didn't use a paint brush and I just used a roller so I didn't need to worry about switching colors. They do work a little differently.
Not only am I teaming up with Cutting Edge Stencils for this project but also with 18 other talented bloggers for our Create and Share Monthly Challenge. We take one item and make something unique with that item. It's so fun to see what everyone creates and man these girls are talented ladies!
Now onto the how to of the pillow! Here is what I started with and the paint colors I chose were Turquoise, Pink, Violet and Yellow for the stars on top of the trees.
I started with the yellow and painted each star and the moved from the lighter colors all the way to the darkest colors when painting my pillow. As you can see I started painting the small stripes in the second tree on the left purple but I ended up not loving that choice.
I didn't love what I did with the purple thin lines on the tree second to left so I decided to add some sparkle to it! Head on over to the blog to see how I added a touch of glam to my Christmas pillow.

To see more: http://refashionablylate.com/2015/12/10/christmas-pillow-craft/

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