Asked on Mar 17, 2013

Curb appeal driveway with repaired cracks

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Driveway 90ft long concrete: some large cracks that have been repaired and widened with 3 ft, new concrete edges. Is it best to just resurface it with asphalt or another option.
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  • The cracks will simply show through the topping. I would suggest that you tear out the damaged areas, and replace. You may find cement may be cheaper then the asphalt as well being an oil product which is reaching new highs every day. Properly prepared sub surface and properly reinforced cement can last many more years then asphalt as well.

  • Marianne culver
    on Mar 17, 2013

    What I understanding your recommendation to be is to tear out the areas that are cracked. The cracks have been repaired with concrete already. Would resurfacing the existing concrete be an option to consider. Thank you for your input.

  • Do you have any pictures? There are a ton of options out there like concrete overlays, epoxy finishes, etc...

  • The cracks are the weak parts. Patching the cracks will do nothing other then to make it look good enough to pay the person doing the work. Ask them if they will warrant the work. Big no will resound from them. The only way to fix the cracks once and for all, is to cut the offending section of slab out and re-pour it using proper compacting of soils under, proper gravel base, proper reinforcing and high quality high strength cement.

  • Sorry @Woodbridge Environmental but I have to disagree with you - not all cracks are a sign of weakness (i.e. one reason why one puts control joints in, etc...) Granted the "widening" can cause one to think that but with the way the question & reply is worded I am not positive at this moment; not only where they are much less the size, thus the do you have pics. Good point on the warranty - if they say no then you know the problem is bigger than just a superficial crack

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