The 100 Watt incandescent light of Americas favorites is in jeopardy.

Thanks to our wonderful politicians in Washington dickering over the Payroll Tax Extension...the 100 Watter that was scheduled to be discontinued January 1 because of the "Lumen" inefficiency has been saved for 9 months. Part of the 2 month extension included a provision denying the funds to the Dept. of Energy from enforcing the ban for a minimum of 9 months.
So you can stop stocking up on this energy waster for a while. But we are still being encouraged to buy the CFLs with their ugly color temperature and terrible humming.
The future of lighting is the LED and many of the prices are coming down. They will still be expensive compared to the old technology of Thomas Edison....but when you compare the Lumens per Watt and average Long Life expectancy, you will save $$$ in the long run.
And remember when looking for replacements for the incandescent lamps......a Watt is a unit of energy....NOT Light. So compare the Lumens produced by a 100 Watt, 75 Watt etc lamps and calculate the Lumens per Watt (lumens/watt=LPW) so you can actually know what you are replacing, Also, the color temperature of an incandescent lamp is approx 2700K (Kelvins....not Calvin as in Klein). You will see many LEDs advertised as "brite" and the color temperature is close to 5600K, which is close the fluorescent "cool white".
Look for an LED that states "Warm White' which is 3000K and almost the same as the incandescent lamp.
And here's to a Healthy, Happy New Year.
Gary...It's a pleasure to Light Up Your Life

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