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I was just reading the thread involving Robin, and the last post I read said that having stores like HD means they just hire fellows like you guys to do that. so should we try to find someone to install on our own, or still go through Home D, etc? Hd has install "specials", is HD held responsible for work done ? Any advice?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 27, 2011

    I have heard mixed reviews on HD at home services...this is the franchise operation that does a lot of the HD installs. A few years back one of my clients was having a new roof put on her home ( this was an addition of SIP panels over and existing T& G ceiling). When the crew arrived to start working the "boss" was there but then left after the crew got started. After a number of the panels were install she noticed that the mounting screws were coming through the existing ceiling....she immediately called a halt to the work...which was a challenge as the crew was a bunch of Hispanics who barely knew any English...needless to say it was a big pain in the butt. I arrived later to do some skylight installs. It took months to get every thing resolved. On another instance a client was going to have some windows took four months and mutiple visits just to get the measurements and order have still not been installed and this process started in July.... If you can find an independent contractor with a good reputation, and compare their work with the references that HD should provide ...and evaluate both based on the quality of the work ...that would be my route.

  • The install of anything from the big box stores has both benefits and draw backs. One stop shopping and warranties on work is about all the benefits you will see. Your at the mercy of who they send to your home. You cannot "feel out" the contractor if they are a good fit or not. You get who they send. Costs can vary. The guys they hire out to do work are ok. They really do not get paid that well for the job that they are doing. They make their money on the extras that are not included in the install fee. This is where they get a lot of the poor press. The rate that they offer at the store, is not including any extra costs that always comes up. Removal fees, take apart fees, trim costs, paint, prime, all sorts of things. Its impossible for any big box store to deliver final cost to the consumer based on the little tag they have on the get it installed by us paper. Depending on just how big your project is would determine of going the big box store route is the way to go. On real small projects, that is ok, but once you start on the larger jobs where there can be a whole lot of issues that will come up. Your better off with an independent person doing the job for you.

  • I have to agree with Woodbridge and KMS here. In general, the contractors the Box stores send are of average quality. Sometimes you might get an exceptional contractor, but don'tt count on it. As mentioned by Woodbridge, the contractors get paid pretty low. First the Box store is offering the work at a reduced rate, and then the contractor only gets a portion of that. If the contractor was of above average quality and personality, they would have what it takes to drive their own business to succeed instead of relying on low paying Box stores to send them work. * These are personal views/perceptions not meant to comment on any business in particular.

  • Dan is right on with this. I was a Sears HVAC installer in the 80's We got paid a set fee for each task we performed as part of the install. For a furnace removal we got $25. To set new furnace $25. Then to construct a plenum we got $12 per side and so on. We did not make any real money unless we sold things such as air filters, humidifiers and the like. It was OK for me at the time as I was just getting into this field and it generated cash flow to keep my employee busy until my own work came in. Other then that, made very little money with these people.

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