Asked on Dec 27, 2011

Can anyone recommend a good auto mechanic that can install 2 hydralic struts/shocks on a Buick Park Avenue?

Tricia JMelissa BRay


Need someone trustworthy and economical. Thanks.
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  • Tricia, The best way to find honest and good mechanics for cars is to search in forums like VW Forum for Volks Wagons or any forum that relates to the make of your car. I found my car mechanic this way and I will never send my car to the dealer again. What is the make of your car by the way?

  • 3po3
    on Dec 28, 2011

    If this isn't something that's really immediately urgent, you could get a couple of recommendations from friends, other Buick owners and others, then get estimates from a couple of different shops. Visit the shops and check their certifications, etc. You can often get a very good sense of a mechanic's shop from your first impression.

  • Melissa B
    on Dec 29, 2011

    Imperial Auto in Cary NC was great and very affordable. We took our 1990 Grand Wagoneer to John over there and he was honest with us about the extent of work and the price was definitely fair. They are over on Chatham near Circus. (919) 468-2958

  • Ray
    on Dec 30, 2011

    I understand theat Quality + Auto in Raleigh and Wake forest now work on US made cars. I have found them to be completely trustworthy and reasonable. I deal with the wake Forest site, but assume the company is the same at both sites.

  • Melissa B
    on Dec 30, 2011

    I have heard the same about Quality. I think my brother uses them.

  • Tricia J
    on Dec 31, 2011

    Thanks to all for your responses. I called Midas upon recommendation from a friend and they gave me a really good price on 2 air shocks. I'm going Monday so will let you know about my experience. They are in Raleigh.

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