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Coca-Cola Glass Bottle Christmas Tree Craft

Coca Cola asked me to craft with their Coke de Mexico Coca-Cola bottles and I was super excited. I like the taste of Mexican coke better (sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup) and I think the bottles kind of look like Christmas trees.
Bring in a little bit of paint and pom poms and you've got a cute little project for adults and kids alike!
Bottles are painted green after a good cleaning to remove the label. I used chalk paint because I'm a weensy bit obsessed with the super flat texture right now. Spray paint would have taken far less time, though.
Each bottle is decorated with crafty staples like pom poms and bows, attached with a hot glue gun.
I hit up a 70% off sale at the craft store and snagged mini Christmas tree toppers and garland that really upped the wow factor of my trees I think!
A quick pass over the bottles with your everyday hair dryer and all of those hot glue strings disappear.
Voila! Cutie patootie Christmas trees out of Mexican Coke bottles :) I hope you'll get the full project, including more details and a super tasty Cherry Coke Poke Cake Recipe over at the blog (link below).

To see more: http://www.dreamalittlebigger.com/post/coca-cola-glass-bottle-christmas-tree-craft.html

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Dec 14, 2015

    How cute are these!!

  • Mary Beth
    Mary Beth
    on Dec 15, 2015

    Very cute!

  • Brenda Adams
    Brenda Adams Douglasville, GA
    on Dec 16, 2015

    This is just fabulous!!! Very original. I love this

  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga
    Elizabeth Sagarminaga Mission Viejo, CA
    on Dec 16, 2015

    Very nice and creative idea. Christmas is just round the corner. This Christmas tree is lovely, I would love to decorate one such tree this year. Thank you for sharing the picture with all of us here.

  • Pat whitmus
    Pat whitmus Ephrata, WA
    on Dec 18, 2015

    I think the chalk paint adds a "depth" to the paint that spray paint lacks. I think this is a cutie potootie idea! :)

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