My dishwasher won't fill all the way with water.

I replaced the pump 2 months ago and that seamed to fix the problem. Now its doing it again. Did the pump go bad already or is there something else I missed in servicing?
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  • Paul M Paul M on Dec 28, 2011
    Sounds like it is your sensor that "reads" the water level. If it was your pump then you would not be able to empty the dishwasher. They are filled via your water pressure not a pump so the pump is only to empty it not fill it.
  • There is a float built in somewhere under the unit. When the water level comes up to pre-set level it turns off the water supply. When you changed your pump it may have loosened up what ever was causing the float from moving allowing it to work for a while. Can you provide us with the make and model number of the unit. Some of us have access to the machines breakdown repair lists. Knowing more about the type and style unit you have can shed additional information on what could be going wrong on your unit.
  • Hayden C Hayden C on Dec 29, 2011
    Its a Frigidaire/dishwasher model# FDBB945DC0 Thank you for any help.
  • Paul M Paul M on Dec 29, 2011
    You need to check the manufacturers literature on this unit. They should have the information you need to find the actual float switch and either check/fix it or replace it. It is normally mounted to one side of the unit and will have a wire going to the control panel and another wire going to a solenoid valve which opens or closes as water is needed. Replacing that switch is very easy once you locate it. If you do replace it don't forget to get another gasket to go with it, or it may even come with one.
  • after looking at parts list and operation manual for this unit. There are three things that can cause this issue. Float switch is malfunctioning. Circuit board is faulty. siphon hose that runs from bottom of system should be running over top of unit before exiting the washer. You can Google this model and make with does not fill properly and you can get all sorts of diagrams on how and what part is not working from this info. I think it has to do with the float switch myself. As Paul said its a easy part that is not to expensive to replace. And if you already changed the pump out which can be quite hard to do on some units. This will be simple. The 2nd thing that can cause this issue is the control board. It has a series of electronic timers that run the fill, pump and cleaning cycles. If that goes bad it too can effect the fill cycle. Usually prevents it from filling all together, but it can short cycle the fill part of the cycle causing it to not fill all the way.